Roku Error Code 009

Roku has offered you the simplest way to stream entertainment to your TV. With Roku, you can enjoy all your favorite shows and movies that you don’t want to miss. Roku devices work as the home for all of your entertainment. So, people can streamline their setup, eliminate their costly cable equipment, and watch whatever they wish- all while saving their money. While using Roku to stream specific content, the screen may display Roku error code 009. Mostly an issue with the internet or authentication or disconnection issue with the device causes the problem.

Why do users face the error code 009 problem on Roku?

I have sorted out certain issues that are responsible for showing error code 009 on Roku. Here are all of them, so that you can detect the problem and solve it accordingly.

    • Loose Cables: Certain cables that are connecting the devices may be loose. As a result, the error is being triggered. It may occur at any time. So, users have to ensure that there isn’t any loose connection issue with the cables. They should thoroughly check that all cables are plugged in properly with the devices.


    • DNS Cache: DNS cache may be responsible for showing Roku error code 009. In certain cases, the DNS configuration cached by the Router to connect to the internet may happen to be corrupted. In such cases, specific DNS servers are prohibited to connect. So, this can disturb the connection establishment process.


    • Device Configuration: The device faces some internal issues in some cases. Such problematic issues prevent it from connecting the device with the servers correctly. A fault with the system software may also cause these internal issues. In some cases, the system software gets corrupted after a while. As a consequence, some functionalities of the system software may be limited after corruption.


    • Internet Connection: Your connection may face frequent disconnection issues. Consequently, your Roku may fail to connect to its database. Remember that Roku always requires a fast and stable internet connection to stream content. When you wish to stream on Roku, you must arrange a strong internet connection to avoid any interruption.


Potential solutions to the problems

Now I am going to provide you with some possible solutions to Roku error code 009. Here are step-by-step guides so that you can easily resolve the problems you have faced.

        • Solution 1: Power Cycling Devices


The error occurs due to a problem within launch configurations and their corruption in most of the cases. Here you will get to know how you can clear cached data in simple steps. This can also clear DNS cache for the router. Here are the steps. Follow them to fix the issues.

        1. Unplug your power cord and the wall socket for all devices associated with this process.
        2. Press and hold the “Power” button for all devices. Do it for at least 15 seconds.
        3. Then plug the power cord back.
        4. After that, press the power button to turn them on.
        5. Wait for your devices to turn on and check the issue still continues.


      • Solution 2: Resetting Software

You can see the error due to corrupted software. Do you know how to fix the problem? Follow the steps given below to reset the software to factory defaults.

        1. First of all, open Roku. Then log in to your account.
        2. Go to settings and click on the “System” option.
        3. Then choose “System Restart” and click on the “Factory Reset” option.
        4. Wait for your device to restart and see whether the issue persists.


      • Solution 3: Resetting Network Settings

If your Roku network configurations have gone corrupt, certain functionalities on the device may get limited. Are you worried about how to solve the issue? Don’t worry. Just follow the step-by-step guide and fix the issue.

      1. Open Roku and log in to your account.
      2. Go to settings and click on the “System” option. Then choose “System Restart” and click on “Network Connection Restart”.
      3. Click on “Settings” and choose “Network” after the device turns on.
      4. Click on the “Wi-Fi” option and choose “Setup a New Wi-Fi Connection” option.
      5. Select Wi-Fi and choose the option “I am at home”.
      6. Choose “Automatic” in all next options and enter a password.
      7. Once you have done all these, check whether the problem still persists.

Now you know how to fix Roku error code 009. Try them as guided to enjoy uninterrupted service.

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